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Re: To all candidates: which way out of the project ?

On 2013-03-23 19:16, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
On 23/03/13 at 12:46 +0300, Moray Allan wrote:
Yes.  But I would suggest that we should aim to build a really good
contributor-tracking system

Or improve the existing ones, such as the 'echelon' field in ldap (=
last mailing list post), the mia db, bapase
(http://udd.debian.org/bapase.cgi), etc. let's not reinvent the wheel!

I did not intend to comment on *how* to build a really good system -- I don't think anyone is suggesting to throw away existing work or reinvent the wheel. There are indeed many useful tools for specific aspects of contributor tracking already; minechangelogs is another one you didn't mention.

But a really good contributor-tracking system would tie together all of these aspects, would also know about e.g. people who do translations or design artwork, and would be capable of showing e.g. the number of people doing a type of task or the distribution of people across different activity levels, rather than just taking queries for individual people.


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