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Re: Your opinion on Debian Maintainer status

Wouter Verhelst wrote:

>                                                            That's a good
> thing for everyone; and it also explains why occasionally the NM
> frontdesk will waive this policy for people who are 'obviously' ready to
> become a Debian Developer *now* rather than in six months: if the goal
> is to weed out the people who are not yet ready, then if someone *is*
> ready, it doesn't make sense anymore, so it's waived.

Oh, "six months as a package maintainer" certainly sounds like a good
requirement in that spirit to me.  And if the applicant is interested,
becoming a DM can be a way to make those six months less painful.

Given two otherwise equal candidates, one who had been a DM and
another who had been a maintainer with sponsor for six months, I don't
think that information makes the DM seem more qualified.  Luckily the
NM frontdesk tends to be reasonable about this in practice, as you've

Thanks for explaining,

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