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[all candidates] how to choose Jessie init system

Some of the longest -devel thread in recent years have been about
Debian's (default) init system: SysV, SystemD, Upstart, OpenRC, etc.
Despite folklore, I don't think those thread have been (entirely)
trollish, they all hint at a concrete problem:

How do we make an inherently archive-wide technical decision when
multiple, possibly equally valid solutions do exist?

(I think the latter part, the existence of alternatives, is particularly
important here, as we have well-established approaches for other
cases. For instance, when one of the alternative is clearly superior, we
usually apply some sort of "Debian's Darwinism": we wait for it to be
popular enough, we make it increasingly more mandatory in Policy or the
Release Team pick it as release goal, we do NMUs, etc.)

I'd like to know how the candidates would approach the problem of
*helping Debian* making a decision on this matter; decision which we
will likely have to make at the beginning of Jessie's release cycle.

Personally, I'm not particularly interested in candidates' opinion on
the decision per se, but rather on how they think Debian should take
similar decisions and which role, if any, the DPL should play in the
decision process. Still, I picked a concrete example as it might help
focusing our thoughts on how we would like similar important technical
decisions to work in the future.

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