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[all candidates] beyond tech: how do you deal with humans?

On 2013-03-18, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> I'd like to know how the candidates would approach the problem of
> *helping Debian* making a decision on this matter; decision which we
> will likely have to make at the beginning of Jessie's release cycle.
> Personally, I'm not particularly interested in candidates' opinion on
> the decision per se, but rather on how they think Debian should take
> similar decisions and which role, if any, the DPL should play in the
> decision process. Still, I picked a concrete example as it might help
> focusing our thoughts on how we would like similar important technical
> decisions to work in the future.

Following up on this with a more general question, to all candidates.

You all have an impressive technical curriculum. Your deeds in Debian
speak for themselves. However, the role of a project leader is unusually
non-technical. In fact, you will have to abandon significant technical
tasks to tend to more "administrative" or "leadership" tasks the DPL
role requires.

Why are you good candidates for that role? What social skills do you
bring to the community in terms of mediation and leadership?

How would you have dealt with the difficult decisions the previous DPL
had to make regarding various conflicts or problems that occurred during
his mandate(s)? Would you have intervened? How?

Could you give an example of such a situation where you have
successfully mediated a (potential) conflict? Which tools did you use to
deal with the situation?

Thanks, and best of luck to all candidates!

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                        - Jean Cocteau

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