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Re: To Lucas: how do you plan to push your ideas

On 12/03/13 at 18:37 +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Hello Lucas,
> I've read your platform and I share your 5-years goals and I agree
> on most of the suggested intermediary goals to bring us closer to
> the long term goals.
> That said, it's not clear to me how you plan to achieve them. Being
> the DPL doesn't grant you more time to implement them yourself and
> your influence as DPL is limited.
> You said “at least you know what I consider the most important, and where
> I would push”. 
> How do you expect to push your agenda for the project?
> Do you plan to recruit minions^WDPL helpers to work on each of the
> sub-goals?

Before addressing the core of your question: as I said in
https://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2013/03/msg00072.html, I'm not a
big fan of the "DPL helpers" name (and no, "minions" is not better :) )

First, even if being DPL would not grant more time to implement my
ideas, it could increase efficiency a bit: if I'm elected, it's likely
that DD will consider requests related to the goals listed in my
platform with slightly more attention.

But I fully agree that it's no enough.

That's where the "DPL helpers / Debian Driving Force" come to help. Yes,
I will "recruit" people to work on those goals. I will organize
discussions (on mailing lists, and during IRC meetings) towards achieving
those goals: reviewing and providing feedback on possible
implementation plans, discussing locks and how to overcome them, and
then doing regular status updates, and looking for more volunteers to
help if needed.

Sure, some goals might not get done. Is that bad? maybe. But it might
also indicate that those goals were not important enough to attract
enough volunteers.

I just would like to stress two things:
- The usual consensus-based decision making processes will of course be
- It's not a closed process with a closed list of goals. From my

    if elected, I will encourage (discussion of) innovative ideas,
    investigate how the project's resources can be used to support them,
    and advertise experiments. Of course, such experiments need to
    include success metrics, and the necessary warnings (no long term
    guarantee that the experiment will continue, no security support,


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