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Re: To Lucas: how do you plan to push your ideas

On 2013-03-12 23:06, Mehdi Dogguy wrote:
On 03/12/2013 06:37 PM, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
That said, it's not clear to me how you plan to achieve them. Being
the DPL doesn't grant you more time to implement them yourself and
your influence as DPL is limited.
How do you expect to push your agenda for the project?

I do wonder why your question is for lucas specifically? It would be
to hear other candidates on this too.

I have tried to avoid basing my platform directly on anything that would require existing delegates to make specific actions with respect to delegated areas (or, equivalently, that would imply the replacement of delegates if they don't agree).

I do make statements about general ways that I would like delegates, and other members of Debian teams, to behave, as well as mentioning some areas for possible new delegations, or expansions of existing ones. I give a few examples of things I'd like to see happen, as views rather than promises, in the "Specific ideas" subsection.

I have similarly tried to avoid including too much that would be nice but that isn't related to the DPL position or more generally to coordination of Debian. For example, I think it would be nice to have a DVCS containing up-to-date source for all Debian packages, but I can't really state that me becoming DPL would make it happen more quickly.

Looking through my platform:

"Delegation and teams": in part constitutional powers, in part influence/persuasion, in part aspiration.

"External communications": delegation/recruitment.

"Coordination/mediation", "Internal communication", "Local communications", "Fundraising and spending", "Merging from the DebConf branch": in part directly related to DPL powers about delegations and money-handling; for other parts no special powers are required in principle, but these are much more likely to be successful with the DPL's voice behind them and backed up by delegations.


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