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Re: Naming of non-uploading DDs

On 15/09/10 at 10:22 +0200, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> I, using my FTPMaster hat, do care a lot that we do not get
> $whateveritsname with upload rights that never ever had to show at least
> the basic understanding of packaging work. Looking at all the errors
> existing Developers do, even longstanding ones, having something like
> T&S drop away entirely will be near death. Whoever thinks "it cant be
> that bad" should do a month of release team, qa or ftpteam work. You
> will think different.

So, you say that both old and newer DDs sometimes lack packaging skills.
This sounds like an acknowledgement of the failure of T&S, and the NM
process in general, to make sure that DDs have the necessary skills?

What makes you think that completely dropping T&S would make things
significantly worse?

I'm more and more convinced that what Debian lacks is not a more
difficult NM process, but:
- a culture of asking for help, advice, and reviews
- work on our tools and processes to make them easier and less
  error-prone to use
- work on our documentations to document the best practices

After someone has done enough work inside Debian to earn the trust from
other DDs to do the right thing when participating in the project
decision making processes, I really don't see why we shouldn't also
trust him about taking the necessary steps when uploading packages, even
if he earned the trust of fellow DDs by doing non-packaging work, or
even non-technical work.

- Lucas

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