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Re: Naming of non-uploading DDs

> I think unlimited upload access should be simply another one of those sets
> of permissions that some people have and others don't.  Those who need
> that access to do their work can receive it after appropriate vetting of
> their ability to use that access appropriately, just as someone would
> volunteer to join ftp-master, or DSA, or keyring-maint, or the Lintian
> maintenance team and would, after appropriate vetting, be given additional
> privileges to do that work.  Having or not having additional access should
> not change the basic DD status.

I, using my DAM hat, don't care if this gets a name. It got one as it
seemed good at the time of writing, but whatever its named (or not) is
REALLY just a very tiny little bit of this thing and about as important
as the fact if someone had rice or meat for breakfast.

The more important part is getting the project to acknowledge the
concept of a set of members/developers/whateveryounameit not having
upload rights by default and letting DAM/FD/theusualpeople just manage
that. The important part is opening our membership to people who deserve
it, but who (most likely) never ever will maintain a package and as such
currently have a hard time joiningm as we do want to see new people
have at least a basic set of knowledge packaging requires (be that using
a set of questions or by evaluating what they have in the archive, the
procedure there is up to the AM). And the latter part should change,
giving people who want to an early exit - consequently a little less
ability later on, but one they dont need/want then.

I, using my FTPMaster hat, do care a lot that we do not get
$whateveritsname with upload rights that never ever had to show at least
the basic understanding of packaging work. Looking at all the errors
existing Developers do, even longstanding ones, having something like
T&S drop away entirely will be near death. Whoever thinks "it cant be
that bad" should do a month of release team, qa or ftpteam work. You
will think different.

bye, Joerg
Naturally; worms that don't know what they are doing end up as
fish bait, instead of getting invited into weird math experiments.
		-- Lars Wirzenius

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