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Question to all (other) candidates

So, since part of the reason that I joined the race was to make sure it
wouldn't get too boring, I was hoping there'd be a bit more life on this
list. Since there isn't, allow me to ask a few questions myself.

Oh, and before anyone asks: hey, I can vote too, and we have a Condorcet
voting system. So there.

(The alert reader will notice that some of the points in this mail have
not been mentioned in my rebuttals. This is because these are
*questions*, not statements of what I believe is wrong; the latter
belong in rebuttals, the former do not)

These questions have names, but don't let that stop any of the other
candidates from answering those questions they want to answer, if any.


You make a point of transparency and availability in your platform. As
you yourself note, many past DPLs and DPL candidates have made similar
promises/points, yet few have managed to actually be able to do so.

You mention that you will attempt to succeed where others have failed by
providing a "feed of DPL activity news". While the specifics of your
plan may be innovative, the idea itself of constantly providing updates
rather than bulk ones has been promised by others in the past (e.g.,
Steve mentioned it in his 2008 platform). As such, I'm not convinced
this will help all that much;

How do you believe it will, and how do you think you are different from
other DPLs who have tried and failed to be more communicative?


In your platform, in the "Program" section, you mention four ideas that
could reasonable be described as being about the things that,
respectively, the DAM and NM frontdesk, the ftp-masters, and the Release
Managers (twice) are responsible for. Did you talk with these teams
about your ideas before running for DPL?

If not, do you believe this may cause problems? Are you still planning
to, and may your ideas change if you do?

If you did talk to these teams beforehand, did your plans change any as
a result, or do you anticipate that still happening?


In my rebuttal, I mention that I lack a sense of vision in your
platform. In case that wasn't clear, this is because the ideas you
mention, while they might work to some extent, seem to be a bit
superficial; I'm afraid they will not strike at the heart of the issues
we face. Do you believe this is correct? If not, can you clarify?

Also, you seem to have received a great deal of help in writing your
platform. In the interest of clarity, can you shine a light on how this
happened? To mention two possible extremes, was this more of a "I'd like
to run, but would need a platform, please send me some ideas", or rather
"hey, $RANDOM_PEOPLE, here's a platform, please give me some comments?"
(I realize the truth is probably somewhere in between those two, but
would like to know exactly what we get if I were to vote you second...)

If any of the other candidates have questions they would like to ask me,
I would be glad to answer them.

Also, I will provide my own answers to some of the above questions
(where that would make sense), but would like to see the other
candidates' answers first.

The biometric identification system at the gates of the CIA headquarters
works because there's a guard with a large gun making sure no one is
trying to fool the system.

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