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Re: Question to all (other) candidates

On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 2:49 PM, Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> wrote:
> In my rebuttal, I mention that I lack a sense of vision in your
> platform. In case that wasn't clear, this is because the ideas you
> mention, while they might work to some extent, seem to be a bit
> superficial; I'm afraid they will not strike at the heart of the issues
> we face. Do you believe this is correct? If not, can you clarify?

That's weird, I definitely thought that there was a "vision" in my platform.

The ideas listed are just some things that can be done to achieve the
general goals.  They are not meant to be a complete list of everything
that I plan to do if elected, just some starting points.  The main
objective is to go towards the goal of making the work done in Debian
more attractive and more satisfying to everyone involved.

Many of us have noted that one of the serious problems Debian is
facing is the lack of committed people in many areas, I think that
working actively into making our work in Debian more attractive to
everybody is the only way to fix this lack of work force.

> Also, you seem to have received a great deal of help in writing your
> platform. In the interest of clarity, can you shine a light on how this
> happened? To mention two possible extremes, was this more of a "I'd like
> to run, but would need a platform, please send me some ideas", or rather
> "hey, $RANDOM_PEOPLE, here's a platform, please give me some comments?"
> (I realize the truth is probably somewhere in between those two, but
> would like to know exactly what we get if I were to vote you second...)

As you say, it's some point in the middle.  When I first started
thinking about running for DPL, I started discussing ideas back and
forth with a small number of people, coming up with what would be good
starting points and what could be done to make things better in
Debian.  After that, I drafted the platform and asked a few other
people to comment, and then I improved the platform with their

I made a point of thanking all whose input was valuable to me, even
though it doesn't mean they'd vote for me or that they support me as
DPL in any way, because I think that a DPL should be able to listen to
everybody's ideas, and make the best out of them, and I think that
giving credit is very important.

I've already said that I plan to delegate a lot.  I don't think it
makes sense for a DPL to try to do everything, it only leads to
burn-out and dissatisfaction.  I also plan to listen to what other
ideas people have to make Debian better and put them into motion.


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