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DPL consultations with the community [was: Re: Question to all (other) candidates]

Hi Wouter--

You probably didn't mean to have this to come out this way, but:

On 03/23/2010 01:49 PM, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> Charles:
> In your platform, in the "Program" section, you mention four ideas that
> could reasonable be described as being about the things that,
> respectively, the DAM and NM frontdesk, the ftp-masters, and the Release
> Managers (twice) are responsible for. Did you talk with these teams
> about your ideas before running for DPL?

This comes across as calling Charles out for not consulting other people
(or at least not acknowledging their contributions).

> Marga:
> Also, you seem to have received a great deal of help in writing your
> platform. In the interest of clarity, can you shine a light on how this
> happened?

This comes across as calling Marga out for consulting too many other
people (or at least for acknowledging their contributions too much).

But you can't have it both ways ;)

How much consultation with other members of the community is appropriate
for the DPL?  How prominently should an acknowledgment of those
contributions be presented?

I see no acknowledgments of outside input in your own platform.  Did you
consult with other members of the community in drafting it?  (or did i
miss it when i read your platform?)

Thanks for keeping things stirred up,


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