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Re: Question to all (other) candidates

Le Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 06:49:51PM +0100, Wouter Verhelst a écrit :
> Charles:
> In your platform, in the "Program" section, you mention four ideas that
> could reasonable be described as being about the things that,
> respectively, the DAM and NM frontdesk, the ftp-masters, and the Release
> Managers (twice) are responsible for. Did you talk with these teams
> about your ideas before running for DPL?
> If not, do you believe this may cause problems? Are you still planning
> to, and may your ideas change if you do?
> If you did talk to these teams beforehand, did your plans change any as
> a result, or do you anticipate that still happening?

Hi Wouter,

I have not contacted these teams in private or in public. I expect the three
weeks of campaign to be long enough to openly discuss what I propose. Also,
I do not think that we need a conclusion now; what we need is to agree that
a door is open to change some of our practices.

In my platform, I have separate sections for ‘Program’ and ‘What I will do as
DPL’. In short: vote for my if you like my program, but I will not come to the
core teams with a long shopping list of things to do. This is not fun, nor
it gives trust to the teams that do the work.

If I am elected, I will contact the core teams about the main points of my
program as general directions that, together, collected a majority of the votes
in this election, and propose to discuss them in public. I want the outcome of
these discussions to be open: we can find other ideas. 

Have a nice day,

PS: interestingly, I just rediscovered an email that covers part of my platform
in my ‘postponed’ folder, that I wrote for -devel last year but never sent.
Last time I tried to discuss about not building everyting on all arches I was
insulted, and this made me affraid to discuss this again in public for a while…


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