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Re: Q to Steve and Luk: sharing of workload?

Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Dear Steve and Luk,

Hi Lucas

> So, you are running in tandem. How do you plan to organize the sharing
> of the DPL workload?

I think we'll try to spread the workload depending on the circumstances
of the moment.

> Will Steve be The DPL, with Luk only helping on some matters? Or will it
> be more like 50/50? For example, who will receive leader@debian.org?

We will both receive leader@debian.org and will divide the tasks between
us. Of course we will discuss with each other for important decisions
and about who does what including feedback about what has been done.

Steve will of course have the last word as he is the official DPL. So he
certainly will correct anything I misrepresented above :-)

> Luk, you are already a very busy DD, with your Release Manager hat, and
> your work inside the buildd team, and SPI. Which of those roles will you
> temporarily give up during the DPL term? Your role of Release Manager is
> very important for the project, and many DD might not want to lose a RM:
> it's a very demanding and time-consuming position, and we might have
> problems finding another victim. Can you convince us that the Release
> team can survive without you?

I think I'll be less active on most of them, though that does not mean
the members of the mentioned teams have to lose me :-) I certainly will
have to delegate more and find more people willing to do the 'ground
work', though I think that's a good thing. Currently the RMs are doing a
lot of day to day tasks, having more delegation would mean they could
focus more on the communication and management both in the Release Team
(and for me also elsewhere which is in line with the role of DPL
assistant AFAICS).

Btw, I'm certainly interested to know who is interested in day-to-day QA
& release tasks, in one of my packages, in buildd maintenance or in
taking over other things I do, to relieve my workload. Please contact me
in private and we'll try to work something out.



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