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Re: Q to Steve and Luk: sharing of workload?

On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 05:20:45AM -0700, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
>Dear Steve and Luk,
>So, you are running in tandem. How do you plan to organize the sharing
>of the DPL workload?
>Will Steve be The DPL, with Luk only helping on some matters? Or will it
>be more like 50/50? For example, who will receive leader@debian.org?

We're planning on splitting the workload between us, depending on what
fits and who has the time at any given point. My plan is for both of
us to receive leader@ mail.

>Luk, you are already a very busy DD, with your Release Manager hat, and
>your work inside the buildd team, and SPI. Which of those roles will you
>temporarily give up during the DPL term? Your role of Release Manager is
>very important for the project, and many DD might not want to lose a RM:
>it's a very demanding and time-consuming position, and we might have
>problems finding another victim. Can you convince us that the Release
>team can survive without you?

Luk's already answered this well: he's planning to push more of his
existing work to other people already, and I believe that's a good

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