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Q to Steve and Luk: sharing of workload?

Dear Steve and Luk,

So, you are running in tandem. How do you plan to organize the sharing
of the DPL workload?

Will Steve be The DPL, with Luk only helping on some matters? Or will it
be more like 50/50? For example, who will receive leader@debian.org?

Luk, you are already a very busy DD, with your Release Manager hat, and
your work inside the buildd team, and SPI. Which of those roles will you
temporarily give up during the DPL term? Your role of Release Manager is
very important for the project, and many DD might not want to lose a RM:
it's a very demanding and time-consuming position, and we might have
problems finding another victim. Can you convince us that the Release
team can survive without you?

- Lucas

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