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Re: First call for votes for the Lenny release GR

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> >  This is an hypothetical case you're making; most people think the
> >  issues are orthogonal.
>         Can these people explain why they think so? ANd it would help if
>  they could say why the arguments I present to say it is a single issue
>  are incorrect. Just  opinions  do not lead to consensus.

 You're asking for what people think but condemn mere opinions?

 Anyway, the rationale is that voting on whether the release team is
 free to decide how each release is crafted has nothing to do with what
 Debian think of firmwares.  The latter can influence their decisions,
 just like ftpmasters, but the former gives them latitude on any kind of
 issues (not just firmwares) to craft a release, or do any kind of
 delegated work.
   Unrelated to Debian's views on firmwares, some people also want to
 relax what we allow in lenny; this is another orthogonal decision.

 So there's clearly room for at least 3 different votes; one about
 powers/rights of the release team, one about firmwares, one about

 While I'm at it here's my position on the three topics:

 I personally wouldn't have needed to put the powers/rights of the
 release team in question, but given what I've read in various threads
 here, I would like to express my support to them.

 I did want Debian to take a position on sourceless firmware complying
 with the DFSG, but I now understand it wont bring us very far as we'll
 require support of non-modifiable firmwares anyway.

 I don't strongly care about a specific decision on lenny, but given the
 lenny timeline, the current pressure on release matters, and other
 options I've seen in these threads, I'm leaning towards trying to
 remove some lenny blockers.  It might be an useful vote to speed up the
 release of lenny, but it might also be a release killing vote such as
 "we wont release lenny with DFSG violations".  I hope a lenny ballot
 wouldn't have such an option, but it might.

Loïc Minier

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