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Re: call for seconds: on firmware

Johannes Wiedersich <jowi@ph.tum.de> writes:

> Ben Finney wrote:
> > The Debian system we provide is usable. There may be devices which
> > are not yet operable with Debian,
> Which wireless card is supported by debian without any sourceless
> firmware, either loaded by the kernel or present on the chip?

Whether loaded by the kernel or present on the chip, we have promised
that works without source code will not be distributed in Debian.

> Would you imply that wireless networking should never be usable by
> debian users, if it turns out that publication of sourcecode is
> illegal in countries like the US or the EU?

Debian users can get whatever non-free stuff they feel motivated to
get from the same type of places they've always been available: direct
from the vendor, or from some other party that is not breaking a
promise by distributing it to them. Even, according to our social
contract, from the ‘non-free’ collection.

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