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Re: Another one?

On 31/10/08 at 09:46 +0100, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Oct 2008, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> > I hereby propose this alternate option/amendment and am asking for seconds.
> > 
> > |   The Debian Project recognizes that many contributors to the project are not
> > |   working withing established frameworks of Debian and thus are not provided by
> > |   the project with as much help as might be possible, useful or required, nor
> > |   opportunities to join the project.
> > |
> > |   We thank Joerg Jaspert for exploring ideas on how to involve contributors more
> > |   closely with and within the project so that they can get both recognition and
> > |   the necessary tools to do their work.
> > |
> > |   We realize that the proposal posted to the debian-devel-announce mailinglist is
> > |   not yet finalized and may not have the support of a large part of our
> > |   community. We invite the DAM and all the contributors to further develop their
> > |   ideas in close coordination with other members of the project, and to present a
> > |   new and improved proposal on the project's mailinglists in the future.
> > |
> > |   Significant changes should only be implemented after consensus within
> > |   the project at large has been reached, or when decided by a general
> > |   resolution.
> So, we right now have an option that effectively stops the proposal as
> it is at present.
> I wonder if we should haven an option on the ballot that asks the DAM to
> basically go forward with their idea, explicitly authorizing them to
> merge the DM setup in to it?

I think that this is orthogonal, and should be a seperate resolution,
not an option in this resolution.

Also, I don't think we that are there yet: maybe objections against
Joerg's decision^Hproposal were raised but not addressed (not only on
the process that Joerg followed, but also on the content of his
proposal). Also, we have alternative proposals (Lars' and Raphael's).

Couldn't we wait until after the release to have a big discussion about
membership status ? And then have a GR to vote on the various proposals?
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