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Re: Discussion period: Suspension of the changes of the Project's membership procedures.

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Neil McGovern <neilm@debian.org> writes:

> Hi,
> The message in 20081025011055.GA10094@kunpuu.plessy.org has received
> enough seconds to start the discussion period. The text of the
> resolution is:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
>  - Following the announcement of the 22nd of October on the debian-devel-announce
>    mailing list (Message-id: <878wsgmi1j.fsf@vorlon.ganneff.de>) about "Developer
>    Status";
>  - Given the importance of defining how the Project accepts new members;
>  - Because of the strong opposition to the method used to prepare, discuss and
>    decide the announced changes, and without judging their validity;
>  - In accordance with the paragraphs 4.1(3) and 4.2(2.2) of the Constitution;
> The Debian Project, by way of a general resolution of its developers, decides:
>   The changes announced the 22nd of October on the debian-devel-announce
>   mailing list (Message-id: <878wsgmi1j.fsf@vorlon.ganneff.de>) are
>   suspended [§4.1(3)].  This suspension is effective immediately [§4.2(2.2)].
> In addition, the developers make the following statement:
>   The delegates of the Project leader are asked to not take decisions that are
>   not consensual about the membership procedures of the Project, and to let
>   these procedures change by way of a general resolution if no consensus
>   can be reached.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------

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