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All Candidates: Do you plan to be prominently visible during your term?

Dear Candidates,

in the last few years, it has unfortunately become kind of custom that
the DPL kind of vanishes from the Earth after the wave of inauguration
and taking over powers has ebbed. Anthony has been kind of an
exception (since he was quite visible with the dunc-tank experiment),
and I really haven't seen much from Sam during his term.

What is your plan to ensure your ongoing visibility during your term?
Do you plan to post regular "bits from the DPL", and which measures
will you implement to prevent a failure similiar to the failures of
your predecessors?

"I will communicate and post regular summaries of my work" has
frequently been part of past DPL's platforms and has never been
reached in a satisfactory way, which makes me want to make sure that
_this_ DPL has thought about this.


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