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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal - Use Cases

On Wed, Jun 27, 2007 at 11:17:44AM +0200, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 June 2007 21:29, Anthony Towns wrote:
> > On Tue, Jun 26, 2007 at 09:18:57AM +0200, Frank K?ster wrote:
> > > However, like Pierre, I'm not convinced that the numbers of actually
> > > interested people is large.
> > FWIW, I'm happy to put the work into this even if not many people end
> > up using it.
> I have no doubt in that - but accepting such a proposal will cause 
> (continuing) work for more than yourself 

I don't believe that's the case; I don't think there was anything in the
proposed resolution that I'm not able to do on my own if no one helps.
I don't believe it'll be hard to find people to help if the resolution
passes; but they can speak for themselves either now or later.

> You mention the following people who are potentially going to do the work.
> * Joerg Jaspert
> * James Troup
> * Christoph Berg
> * Marc Brockschmidt
> * Brian Nelson
> * Ryan Murray
> * Anthony Towns
> * Michael Beattie

You missed Joey Hess in that list.

> Except yourself, none of these have so far seconded your proposal, in fact, 
> most of these have not even replied in this thread. 

They can speak for themselves on their opinion or lack thereof in relation
to the idea. They're mostly all there in case something bad happens and
to ensure that it starts off as a multiple-person thing with processes
to support that, rather than falling into the usual trap in this area
of having one person with control over the entire process.


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