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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal

On Saturday 23 June 2007 05:40, Charles Plessy wrote:
> Then the question is why not concentrating on the NM questions and
> trying to exit the queue faster ? The answer is in a critisism written
> earlier in this thread: paraphrasing. If the NM queue is to increase the
> skills of the applicants, then strategies for answering faster defeat
> this goal. Also, past school is is increasingly un-fun to do a lot of
> theory without practice. (actually, in school as well, but this is
> an off-topic debate ;)

For me this illustrates my point quite right. If this is the case, then 
changes to the existing NM procedure might be a better way to address this 
question than to create a parallel procedure.

I've seen the critisism in this thread on the "paraphrasing" that supposedly 
required in NM. Well, my NM phase consisted of indeed a P&P section that 
required questions to be answered (which would also be required for DM's), 
and a T&S phase which consisted of practical (real) assignments, with my AM 
watching and giving feedback. This work ranges from fixing an RC bug, 
preparing a QA upload to doing bug triage and writing a man page.

I'm doing the same now I'm an AM. The applicant is here to help Debian and 
doing practical work helps Debian and provides learning and/or display of 
ability by the NM.

I therefore do not really believe that NM should be something that is purely 
paraphrasing and theoretical, although some questions will of course stay 


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