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Re: A question to the Debian community ...


On Thursday 10 May 2007 10:15, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> The expulsion procedure doesn't call for a vote, so your 70:7 statistic
> is irrelevant.

It's also wrong.

The evidence: people hardly reply to the claims anymore, and even less (almost 
no one by now) reply in support.

FWIW, I agree with Rob Burgers in 
<da9d86260705081701u4a57aa15rf1be3a7aedb2c52c@mail.gmail.com> and therefore 
seriously consider asking the listmasters to ban Sven from the lists. Just 
today I (once again) read a reply by a user who believed Svens lies and 
wondered whats wrong with Debian. If I'd reply to that, Sven would reply 
again and I'm in the middle of a flamewar, wasting time (and loosing energy 
and fun). And as Sven appearantly doesnt stop himself, I think he needs to be 
Another option would maybe to setup a FAQ page. This would probably also be a 
good idea in case he gets banned (and keeps coming back under new email 

also saddened,

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