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Re: Questions to the candidates

On Tue, Feb 27, 2007, Anthony Towns wrote:

>  1) raising money to support Debian activities people care about is
>     possible in reasonable amounts


>  2) it's difficult to pay people to work on core Debian things if 
>     you do it publically

   Wow, that's quite a shortcut. I'd have a less generic conclusion,
in the lines of "it's difficult for a DPL with three cumulated core
delegate positions to pay people he selected to work on core Debian
things if they do it publically".

>  3) injecting a small amount of money by commercial scales is enough to
>     make a big difference in Debian, whether for better or worse

   I don't believe this is a correct conclusion to make either. It
mostly depends where the money comes from, and as I said earlier this
was one of the major objections. And one does not /have/ to accept


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