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Re: DPL candidates: what is effective?

On Tue, Feb 27, 2007, MJ Ray wrote:
> I've read a few questions and answers which use the word "effective".
> I suspect there are different interpretations of effective. In
> particular, whether a delegation is still effective - because on the
> face of it, that could be a no-op in all cases.  So:
> - what do you mean by "effective"?
> - when would you say a delegation is no longer effective?

   [note: I am not a native speaker]

   I have sometimes seen that word used to mean "efficient", but I'm not
sure it's what you are referring to.

   As I understand the word, something is "effective" if it exists and
is valid by the constitution or whichever rules apply. A delegation
is "no longer effective" when it either expires or is cancelled by an
authority that has the power to do so (including self-resignation).


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