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Question to the candidates: inclusion of the kFreeBSD-* ports

Hi DPL candidates,

The kFreeBSD ports are now in a good enough shape to be included in
unstable. Aurélien Jarno got ftpmaster's approval for that during an
informal conversation at debconf5 [1] but so far, there's been no
progress on this front.

Since then, the SCC split happened and ftp-master moved to ries, so
adding more architectures to the archive is no longer a problem, AIUI.

Hence, what is your position on including those new, non-Linux ports ?
What would the timeframe be like, according to you ?

If an ftpmaster was to charge an amount of money to include the new
architectures (as was the case for amd64), what would, according to
you, be a reasonable amount ?



[1] <http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/glibc-bsd-devel/2005-July/000453.html>

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