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Re: Questions to the candidates

On Mon, Feb 26, 2007, Ana Guerrero wrote:

> Why do you think you will be a good DPL?

   I am a reasonable, friendly person. I think most people in the
project like me as a person, and there is no one I'd be unwilling to
work with or listen to. I am happy to delegate, give power to others,
and ready to do the dirty work if necessary.

   I have also no other objective than the good of Debian, but that
should be obvious.

> What you can for Debian as DPL that you can not do as a mere DD?

   Non-exhaustive list: appoint people where people are needed.

> What do you think of the current NM process?

   This is a question that I partly answer in my platform. I suggest you
ask more specific questions once it is made public.


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