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Re: Question about GR-2006-004

On Sat, 7 Oct 2006 23:04:21 -0700 Don Armstrong wrote:

> On Sun, 08 Oct 2006, Francesco Poli wrote:
> > In other words, TTBOMK, *all* works distributed in the Debian system
> > (i.e. in main), be they programmatic or non-programmatic, *must* be
> > distributed with the form that the copyright holder or upstream
> > developer would actually use for modification; and such forms need
> > to be distributed in the orig.tar.gz.
> > This GR seems to relax the rules for non-programmatic works.
> Unfortunatly, it does not.
> DFSG §2 says:
>    "The program must include source code, and must allow distribution
>     in source code as well as compiled form."
> It does not say "The work must include source code".
> Thus, the proposal very carefully walks the line that the DFSG
> currently walks. Whether the DFSG should apply to all works (or just
> some work) is an open question, and one that I believe should be
> discussed at length.

I'm not very happy that the GR reaffirms this interpretation of the
scope of DFSG#2.  I think that maybe it would be much more useful if the
issue of sourceless non-programmatic works were kept out of GR-2006-004
(that is to say, if the text of the GR didn't have item B.).

What seems awkward to me is that there are other sentences in the DFSG
that speak about programs, rather than works.
See one old message from me on debian-legal, for further details:
  Message-Id: <20050305124550.38a5fc36.frx@firenze.linux.it>

After GR-2004-003, once it was clear that DFSG are considered valid
Freeness criteria for each work (both programmatic and
non-programmatic), I thought the cases in which they use the word
"program" were merely examples and the same criteria holded for
non-programs too.

It's bad that GR-2004-003 didn't applied editorial changes to the DFSG
too...  :-(

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