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Re: draft ballot for the firmware vote

Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> Manoj, if you don't stop this manipulation now, i am going to ask for your
> recall as secretary, not sure if this is possible under the constitution.

Why the $DEITY is this personal abuse public?

Why the $DEITY is this personal abuse even sent?

How about checking the constitution before posting noise?  (We can't
recall the secretary, but maybe can reverse the DPL decision part of
their appointment, AFAICT.)

> During weeks, you have resisted bringing the original proposal from frank to
> vote, and now, because there are new proposals you dislike, you are going to
> rush the election. This is a clear abuse of your Secretarial position, and is
> not in order.

One can suspect it, same as others suspect some other delegates of funny
timings, but I think it needs actually listing times and say what should
have been done to convince anyone of malpractice.

Hope that explains,
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