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Re: draft ballot for the firmware vote

On Fri, 06 Oct 2006, Sven Luther wrote:
> Manoj, if you don't stop this manipulation now, i am going to ask
> for your recall as secretary, not sure if this is possible under the
> constitution.

Manoj has not done *ANYTHING* that requires secretarial powers so far.
Indeed, the secretary *CANNOT* issue a call for votes unless they are
the proposer or sponsor of a resolution which will appear on the
ballot. The only thing Manoj can do, which he has not yet done to my
knowledge, is alter the ballot from what the person calling for a vote
has suggested.

> During weeks, you have resisted bringing the original proposal from
> frank to vote,

Only the proposer or a sponsor can make a call for votes; if Frank
wanted to bring the proposal to a vote, he could have done so himself.
Since he hasn't, claiming that Manoj has resisted bringing the
original proposal to a vote is incorrect.

> and now, because there are new proposals you dislike, you are going
> to rush the election. This is a clear abuse of your Secretarial
> position, and is not in order.

There's nothing wrong with calling for a vote at any point after the
minimum discussion period has elapsed. If you haven't submitted
appropriate amendments by that point in time, then it's no one else's
fault but your own. [If they haven't been seconded by enough people,
then they just weren't popular enough.]

These proposals have been around for weeks, they've been discussed for
weeks. Lets get on with it.

Don Armstrong

I shall require that [a scientific system's] logical form shall be
such that it can be singled out, by means of emperical tests, in a
negative sense: it must be possible for an emperical scientific system
to be refuted by experience.
 -- Sir Karl Popper _Logic of Scientific Discovery_ §6

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