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Re: State of the GR's: Part 2 - Position statement on the DPL and Dunc-Tank

Le dim 24 septembre 2006 22:07, Manoj Srivastava a écrit :
> Hi,
>         As I currently understand it, the position statement GR
>  regarding the project leader and Dunc-Tank has adequate numbers of
>  seconds; and received enough seconds on the 21st of September.
>         This is an independent proposal.
>         The attached file shows my current understanding of the state
>  of affairs. If I have missed something, please let me know.
>         manoj

I just can't vote that proposal as is, that is way too supportive wrt 
what debian should say (if the previous GR should fail):

|  The Debian Project reaffirms its support to its DPL.

That would be said by the result of the Recall GR, no need to state it.

|  The Debian Project does not object to the experiment named
|  "Dunc-Tank", lead by Anthony Towns, the current DPL, and Steve
|  McIntyre, the Second in Charge.

The project could object, I don't see what that would change in the 
facts: the Debian Project cannot reach that initiative (whereas only 
created by developers that lost their DD hat because of the wind), so 
we could object, that would not change a damn thing anyway.

|  However, this particular experiment is not the result of a
|  decision of the Debian Project.

I agree.

|  The Debian Project wishes success to projects funding Debian or
|  helping towards the release of Etch.

Bah, that is way too poorly worded: that would mean, that if I create a 
project that would fund the RM to remove any package with an RC bug to 
release on tomorrow, Debian would wish me success. One could even 
imaging more twisted scenariis. Such a general statement is useless.

So, since that will be a separate GR, I do the proposal below:


Anthony Towns, the current Debian Project Leader, has suggested funding 
the Debian Release Managers' living expenses during the forthcoming 

Following informal opposition during internal discussions, Anthony Towns 
and al, have started soliciting donations for this purpose, in an 
initiative called `dunc-tank'.

This particular experiment is not the result of a decision of the Debian 


The aim of that proposal is to express in a neutral way what led to the 
creation of dunc-tank, and to reaffirm that dunc-tank is not a Debian 
initiative. I want it to be 100% neutral, neither pro, nor cons.

Note that I do think that a statement resolution should NOT object NOR 
give support to dunc-tank. Especially the latter, because that would be 
a very circuitous way to make from that initiative a Debian one, which 
is exactly what the statement states beeing false.
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