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Re: Question for candidate Schuldei

On Fri, Mar 17, 2006 at 02:59:49AM +0200, Daniel Stone wrote:
> #dplteam2006:
> < stockholm> - the littel oppinon poll that i did (asking ~30-40 people)
>              was totally overwealming: everyone but mjg would have been
>              in favour [of the proposed GR to force people into
>              DSA/security/ftpmaster -daniels] and could not really
>              believ that the ftp-masters/DSA would honestly say that
>              they could not be delegated
> < Maulkin> stockholm: Not true.
> < Maulkin> I didn't say that.
> < vorlon> stockholm: er, was I part of your opinion poll?
> < stockholm> vorlon: no, you werent
> Andreas,
> If you lie and seek to misrepresent the truth, to your own DPL team, why
> do you expect to be trusted with the entire Project?  Additionally, do
> you believe that a DPL team can be effective and successful if they are
> provided with incorrect information?

I was assuming that this was this poll was the one I was involved with,
and later turned out to be incorrect. Andreas doesn't seek to lie and

I know it's the trick-de-jour to pull IRC logs out from everywhere, but
I'm not going to. You need CONTEXT for these to work.

Daniel: with respect, you seem to have been pretty adamant in your
attempt to grind Andreas into the ground on that channel. You've been
asked for input and not provided any. As I explained to you previously,
input is welcomed from ALL. Now, when asked for your ideas, you coudn't
provide anything positive. Please stop spreading this FUD.

Neil (Maulkin in the above log)
A. Because it breaks the logical sequence of discussion
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