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Re: Question for the DPL Teams


On Wed, Mar 15, 2006 at 05:22:52PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> (1) Did you join the (proposed) DPL team as an endorsement of the
> candidate or the team concept, or because it seemed the best opportunity
> for you to assist Debian in the event that candidate was elected?

I think Jeroen has presented a very good platform and I agree with his
points.  However, I have not finalized my ballot yet and I think most
other non-joke candidates would be doing a good job as DPL as well.

As for a DPL team, I think the team concept has definetely some merit
which should be further explored, most other Free Software projects do
not have one particular (non-technical) leader either but rather share
the burdon of the more boring non-technical day to day tasks.

I will try to assist Debian wherever possible, and being asked to join
Jeroen's team seemed to me like a very good opportunity to do so.

> (2) Should one of the other candidates be elected, do you expect to
> contribute as much as you would if your DPL team won? If not, what
> contributions do you feel you wouldn't be in a position to make? What,
> if anything, could the other DPL candidates or the project in general
> do to encourage your contribution?

Positively contributing to the internal communications accessible only
to the DPL (and his team, possibly) would be impossible of course.  I
will continue trying to contribute to Debian in any way possible (and
especially to raise the S/N ratio on IRC and lists) given time
restraints and would of course consider accepting whatever other means
of contributions another DPL would propose.
> (3) Will you all be going to debconf6 in Mexico, and can we therefore
> expect you to flip a coin to see who gets Steve and Raphael for an
> exciting game of five-a-side football or ultimate frisbee?

Having missed the last two debconfs, I will hopefully be able to come
this year.  I will need to sort out vacation and travel first, though.

I need to do more sports anyway, so either discipline is fine with me.

> (4) When asked about why things didn't work last year, both Andreas [0]
> and Jeroen [1] seem to have mostly pointed to Branden not doing things
> that, if elected, they will. What, if anything, will you do this year
> as a member of a new DPL team to provide the new DPL with more support
> than Branden had?

An important part of both team strategies appears to be sharing the
workload of DPL mail, or at least keeping the team in the loop all the
time.  I think this will make for a better interaction between the DPL
and his team and will provide better support in both directions.

> (5) How would you rate the importance of your participation on the DPL
> team compared to your other roles in Debian?

That role would be important, but not much more or less so than my other
roles from my point of view.



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