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Re: question for all candidates

* Matthew Garrett <mgarrett@chiark.greenend.org.uk> [2006-03-10 15:58:15]:

> Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> wrote:
> > * Matthew Garrett (mgarrett@chiark.greenend.org.uk) [060310 16:25]:
> >> No. I reiterate things where Andreas has given misleading answers to 
> >> direct questions (he repeatedly denies wanting to replace people, but 
> >> attempted to get at least one person to take over elmo's position in 
> >> ftp-master, for instance).
> > 
> > I'm quite sure you can point out where he said that he wanted someone to
> > take over elmo's position in ftp-master.
> Ok. Based on what we've discussed on IRC, you'll admit that Andreas
> attempted to get at least one person to agree to take responsibility for
> elmo's role as lead ftp-master without consulting elmo first? I think
> the difference is largely semantic, but, well.

Part of the effords to determine what option there were I asked
Anthony Towns if he could take the lead in the ftp-master team.
The intention was not to remove James from the team and loose his
expertise but to unload him. That is what I said in the same irc
conversation, too, but you fail to quote that.

You are malicious on purpose, even. For example you quote the
very first ad-hoc draft, not the reworded one, which you said was
quite good. Why?

You are on a witch hunt. Stop it. I am not evil. 

The only thing you manage to do is to demonstrate that I have
been very active during the year, talked to a lot of people,
looked at all conceivable options and discussed them with people
even outside the DPL team. Long before you and me talked on irc I
had several phone conversations with James and Joey to learn more
about the situation first hand. Have you done that, too? 

Among other things I asked James what he thought could be done if
the team-internal reconciliation attempts that he wanted to
undertake (and by now even started) would fail and told him also
about the different escalation scenarios that I could imagine.
As far as I can recall we talked about three different options.
The best and most desireable one was reconciliation within the
team, enabling it to take up new members again (which james
himself wants, too, btw). I can't recall the middel scenario
right now.  The worst case option that we talked about was the
implementation of a parallel infrastructure, run by an other
team. He was cool about that. It was clear to us both that it we
did not want this to happen and instead hoped (and worked) for
the reconciliation.

That was shortly after debconf, in august at latest. We were in
contact several times since then and usually he promised to write
the email to joey or calling him about getting together and
talking right after the phone call. Every time he was extremly
busy and had lots of things to do.

The conversation where i asked aj if he would consider serving as
head ftp-master and unload (not fire!) james was in oct 5th.

You and me talked in November, when still no attempt from james
had been made to contact joey about this.

i hope this puts your worries and this thread to rest.

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