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Re: question for all candidates

Andreas Schuldei <andreas@debian.org> wrote:
> * Matthew Garrett <mgarrett@chiark.greenend.org.uk> [2006-03-10 15:58:15]:
>> Ok. Based on what we've discussed on IRC, you'll admit that Andreas
>> attempted to get at least one person to agree to take responsibility for
>> elmo's role as lead ftp-master without consulting elmo first? I think
>> the difference is largely semantic, but, well.
> Part of the effords to determine what option there were I asked
> Anthony Towns if he could take the lead in the ftp-master team.
> The intention was not to remove James from the team and loose his
> expertise but to unload him. That is what I said in the same irc
> conversation, too, but you fail to quote that.

I didn't claim that there was an attempt to remove James from the team. 
I claimed that there was an attempt to remove responsibilities from him 
without asking him beforehand.

> You are malicious on purpose, even. For example you quote the
> very first ad-hoc draft, not the reworded one, which you said was
> quite good. Why?

Because it's the one I have the text of, and because they're 
semantically equivalent.

> You are on a witch hunt. Stop it. I am not evil. 

Oh, I don't believe you're evil (despite you joking about wanting to
have me physically beaten because you didn't like an email I sent). I 
just believe that having you as DPL would be a bad thing.

> The only thing you manage to do is to demonstrate that I have
> been very active during the year, talked to a lot of people,
> looked at all conceivable options and discussed them with people
> even outside the DPL team. Long before you and me talked on irc I
> had several phone conversations with James and Joey to learn more
> about the situation first hand. Have you done that, too? 

No, but I did spend a great deal of time trying to talk you out of
things I thought were harmful and trying to convince people not to quit
the project because of things you were proposing to do. I acknowledge 
that you've spent a great deal of time and effort on Debian in the past 

(How many of last year's DPL team are willing to serve again with you as 
Matthew Garrett | mjg59-chiark.mail.debian.vote@srcf.ucam.org

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