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Code of conduct, question to all candidates

Many people consider the aggressive, often unconstructive atmosphere on
major Debian mailing lists to be a problem. You only need to make a
little spark and suddenly you have ignited a huge thread, up to several
hundred mails per day, a number of which are personal attacks. Even if
they aren't, people insisting in mail after mail that their point of
view is only correct one can be considered quite aggressive. And even if
you disregard that, the mere volume of discussion is more than
overwhelming, it can be outright scary.

A code of conduct has often been mentioned as a possible solution to
various communication problems we have. The code would have to specify,
either explicitly or implicitly, some rules for acceptable behavior. 

What do you think of a code of conduct? What in your opinion would be a
lower limit on acceptable behavior? Do you think that strict rules would
be better than general guidelines? Who should be the judge if a
particular case follows the code of conduct or not? Would the code be a
good thing, or would it necessarily be a threat to freedom of speech,
and stifle innovation? Should any kind of behavior be allowed on Debian
mailing lists?

The most difficult thing in programming is to be simple and

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