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Re: Code of conduct, question to all candidates

* Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi> [2006-03-03 22:20:59]:
> A code of conduct has often been mentioned as a possible solution to
> various communication problems we have. The code would have to specify,
> either explicitly or implicitly, some rules for acceptable behavior. 
> What do you think of a code of conduct? 

We have an implicit code of conduct right now. It is practiced on
some lists and it hurts the project, in my oppinion. What we need
is a change of culture in the project. That is a hard, longterm
change. Already at Debconf3 in Oslo I gave a talk "Why Tetrinet
is good for Debian - Debian as a social group" and highlighted
the importance of a friendly, warm climate in the project. If
momentum builds within the project that we need a change of
climate we will have it. We can help that to happen. My cited
experience with implementing social change in volunteer groups
can help here.

Formulating a code of conduct that we want to encourage is one
important step. Making it known, talking about it, discussing it
and moving it towards being a commonly accepted guide line is
hard work and will take many years. 

Shortcuts will fail. 

We have started already, and have only a few years left to go.
Lets continue!


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