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Re: Question for Andreas Schuldei: Debconf vs DPL

* Margarita Manterola <margamanterola@gmail.com> [2006-03-03 10:05:31]:

> It is well known that you are the Debconf magician, and that without
> your work, Debconfs would either not happen or be a complete fiasco
> compared to the Debconfs we are used to by now.

gee, thanks. (c:
> So, if you are elected as DPL, will you stop doing that work?  

No, i dont plan to.

> If you
> don't, then how will you manage to organize Debconf, be the DPL and
> still survive?

I organized, DPLed and survived last year, to some extent. During the
time directly before Debconf5 my DPL-Team work was suffering time wise
but it was still doing ok. 

This year we have a very strong organizing team. I am have been looking for
(and found!) able people whom I share my knowledge of how a debconf comes
together, how to deal with sponsors and what I think the underlying guidelines
should be etc and try to train them to do that very job. I try to give up power
myself and let others take greater responsibility. However, being DPL would
make me look more important to sponsors I talk to when raising money and would
help debconf :)

To me, this delegation and investment on redundancy of people is both what a
leader should do and what must happen in Debian more on many levels and in
other teams.

Miraculously this strategy also helps me to not burn out and survive,
even if I still am involved in Debconf and might be elected DPL at the
same time. 

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