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Re: Question for Ted Walther: Delegation

On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 12:52:56PM +1100, Ben Burton wrote:
My question is, how do you distinguish "delegate" from "command" (or its
lesser cousin "request politely")?  If you were DPL and you delegated
tasks in this fashion, would you expect them to be done as a matter of

Every delegate has free personal choice.  If they choose not to accept
their delegation, then the task will go undone, unless someone else
steps up to the plate.

The different between delegation and a polite request is that if you
choose to accept the delegation, you then have official, public sanction
for your acts.  A polite request would be something personal, off the
record, as when Martin Michlmayer made some polite requests of me a
couple years ago.


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