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Re: DFSG4 and combined works

At Fri, 10 Feb 2006 14:33:54 +0100,
Frank Küster wrote:
> Yavor Doganov <yavor@doganov.org> wrote:
> > The fact that people expressed the opinion that Debian doesn't
> > consider non-free software as antisocial and unethical scares me a
> > lot.  
> There are several reasons why people "are for" Free Software, and for
> sure not all of them imply that any non-free software is antisocial or,
> even more, unethical.

If you consider non-free software as morally acceptable thing, than
you can hardly defend the freedom.

> I am glad that Debian does not fix itself to a specific ideologic
> motivation *why* we produce a Free operating system, but instead
> confines itself to an practical definition of what Free Software means. 

I was under the impression that Debian is far more than a fine OS.  I
read the SC/DFSG and my choice was based on them, not on some
technical superiority.  Nevermind, my mistake.

Yavor Doganov

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