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Re: Branden's time commitments (was: Re: followup to my time-management question)

Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> writes:

> > I should have noted that xfree86 is not up-to-date with upstream as
> > you indicate, and I'm sorry for the oversight.
> That's a bit unfair. X.Org is a fork and so it's not obvious that Debian
> should switch; newer versions of XFree86 (such as 4.5.0, just released) 
> don't have an appropriate license for Debian.

Ok, now I'm sorry on both counts.  I'm grateful, however, that light
is being shed, and I hope that voters (to the extent this particular
case is important to them) find the further illumination helpful.

BTW: All this is exactly why I wish the candidates had all taken my
question seriously instead of mostly ignoring it.  They are in a much
better place to say "this is what I think of the work I've done on
package FOO" than I am.


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