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Re: followup to my time-management question

On Sunday, 20 March 2005 20:50, Erinn Clark wrote:
> * Thomas Bushnell BSG <tb@becket.net> [2005:03:20 18:35 -0800]:
> > I post this now so that the information I have researched may be
> > available to the voters, having waited until the end of the
> > campaigning period to give each candidate a fully fair opportunity
> > to answer for themselves.
> It was pretty of unfair to post this now. Having looked over the
> "data" you posted, I see some things which lack extremely crucial
> information for context, but pointing this out is almost like
> campaigning on behalf of the candidates or taking potshots at the
> other. Either way they can't reply.

They can't reply? 

Okay, nothing particular about this message, or even this thread, but I 
keep seeing messages implying there is some kind of "can't compaign" 
rule that happens when voting starts.

I don't see anything like that in the constitution--in fact, there isn't 
even anything in there about a "Compaign Period", only about a perioud 
during which no candidates can be nominated, and a note that candidates 
*should* use this time for campaigning.

Even if it's debatable if that "should" is exlcusive or inclusive, it's 
still just a "should". I don't see why a DPL candidate couldn't go 
until the day the vote ends, or start compaigning for 2012 starting now 
if they really wanted to (other than that it would be 

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