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Re: Denied vote and the definition of a DD


        [This is a correction to my earlier message on this topic]

        I would also like to point out that the current working
 definition of who is a DD is is someone who is in the LDAP db at
 db.debian.org in the debian developer group, and who has a key in the
 current debian keyring (refreshed daily during the voting period)

	I suppose that the DAM is the one who has been granted
 responsibility for adding people to Debian, and the NM team
 collectively was given the authority to boot DD'sout (the last time
 we booted a DD), so I'll take the word of the DAM (or NM
 collectively) as to who is a DD and who is not; in case my working
 definition of a DD is at odds with their view on the matter. I am
 assuming also that the DPL has the authority, since the DAM is his
 delegate, to add a person in to the project even if their key is not
 in the keyring.

        a) Present me with a picture ID signed by the DAM, or the DPL,
           or the whole NM team, stating that the person named, and
           whose picture is being signed, is indeed a DD.
        b) show me, in person, two picture ID's issued by a governemt
           that demonstrate who you are, and match the signed the
           signed picture in a)
        c) tell me, personally, what your vote is during the voting
           period. Be prepared to do the same with an auditor is the
           vote is ever audited.

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