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Re: IRC debate feedback

[Helen Faulkner]
> Having just run the 2005 DPL IRC debate (and a stressful experience it
> was too), Martin Krafft and I would like to get feedback on what people
> thought of the debate and how it was run.

Thank you, Helen and Martin, for a job well done.

I think the most useful thing would be a writeup from the two of you on
how you managed the technical aspects of running the thing.  There were
a lot of minor technical difficulties early on in the debate but you
obviously learned quickly how to iron them out - all but the first 20
or 30 minutes went quite smoothly.  It would be interesting (for me,
and for whoever needs to moderate debates on irc in the future) to hear
how you solved problems like awkward line formatting and getting
paragraphs cut off because of the limits of the medium.  (Pasting from
#-replies irc logs or from a live client?  Per-candidate logfiles of
#-replies?  Use of a text editor for collection / reformatting?  Etc.)

Apologies if you already wrote this up and I just haven't seen it.


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