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Re: Question about Anthony Towns rebutting Branden Robinson

Bill Allombert wrote:
I concurr.
I find AJ rebuttal on that specific point outrageous:

So, Anthony, I don't know if you can change your rebuttal, but if you can
I would suggest you to remove that part.

Also, I suggest rebuttals to be restricted to the plateforms of the other
candidates, not the persons (which are already known when drafting the plateforms).

I think that section of my rebuttal is entirely accurate (see my response to MJ Ray), and perfectly appropriate. It seems completely sensible to me for the project to consider whether a candidate will be able to follow through on his plans; and I can't imagine why looking at past examples would be remotely inappropriate.

And that said, Branden's platform this year consists entirely of issues
of character -- service, knowledge, courage, tenacity, openness and vision, and all that jazz...


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