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Re: Question to candidates that signed the Vancouver plan as candidate DPL

Bill Allombert wrote:
Hello DPL candidate who signed the Vancouver plan,
(Excluding Anthony Towns who signed as (ftpmaster) not as (DPL

No, I signed it as "Anthony Towns", and left it up to Steve to work out
which hat or hats he wanted to classify that under. (Well, actually I
didn't sign it at all, I just told Steve he was welcome to indicate my
support and suggested he pass it around to others too. I wouldn't like
to have seen Steve being a lone target for the controversy that's blown up.)

Did you sign on the assumption it has been reviewed by the security team,
or did you know they had not been consulted ? Did you make some
investigations ?

I concurred with the plan at the meeting, which was before it had been
passed around to anyone else.

Ftp-master and release team are well within their right to issue their
proposed plan without consulting others team. However, you signed in
your quality of DPL-candidate and the DPL role is to get advice from relevant parties before endorsing a plan.

No, the DPL role is to lead the project; which means to try to help it
solve the problems it faces, and improve itself, and to do so by leading
discussions and lending support to good ideas. I think the plan meets
those aims, which is why I'm supporting it.

And, at least for me, my support indicates I think it's a good idea, and
that I'll work with Steve and others to make sure it actually works out
as well in practice as it does over beer or European chocolate. That
doesn't mean it won't need changes, or that it won't need a major
redesign, or that it won't be made irrelevant by other changes in
circumstances, though.

So, will you act differently if you are elected ?

I don't expect so.


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