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Re: Question for candidate Towns

On Sat, Mar 12, 2005 at 07:23:44AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:

[ snip, obviously ]

> or "have a debian-flames list, that's moderated, and only 
> accepts *really* good, vicious, hurtful flames".
> (I figure, if you're getting flamed on a moderated list with high 
> standards for flamage, you can at least console yourself with the 
> knowledge that you've made it into the big leagues...)

debian-roast    (For things that should be well done)

I actually have some vague liking for this, because, well, I've certainly
done some things that probably warranted getting well flamed for them in
the past (and, as a rule, I have been :) - but a true flame is a work of
art, really. Call it sort of like debian-curiosa, with the caveat that it
means that serious flames are, in fact, explicitly off-topic anywhere else
on the lists.

Some of us won't subscribe, great. Some of us will bring popcorn, also
great. We have some fine wits among us in the project, it's a shame to lose
their unique portrayals of the human condition.
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