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Re: debian-women obscurity, was: Clarification about krooger's platform

MJ Ray <mjr@dsl.pipex.com> writes:

> Thomas Bushnell BSG <tb@becket.net> wrote:
> > So then what is your complaint about the "debate-killing silence
> > policy"?  Maybe you should be more explicit.
> See top and tail of <[🔎] 4230533d$0$10951$cc9e4d1f@news-text.dial.pipex.com>
> (also at http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2005/03/msg00471.html )
> which is as explicit as it will get for now. Not enough time.

Nothing in there is a FAQ, to which you referred.  Nor does it say
anything more than some people won't respond to you and the reasons.
This sounds like you are upset beacuse you think people have some kind
of obligation to respond.  They don't.

I notice that your constant refrain when people get a little to close
here is that you suddenly beg off and claim not enough time.

Claims like there being a "policy" which is in the "list FAQ" need to
be substantiated or rescinded, not just repeated and then when you are
asked for evidence you refer to your *own* message in which you once
more assert the existence of some policy which does not, in fact,


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