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Re: Q for Andreas Schuldei: "Small teams"??

Scripsit David Schmitt <david@schmitt.edv-bus.at>

> Sorry Henning, after purging those sections I believe covered by
> common sense definitions of "team", "working together" and
> "discharging responsibilites"

Are you a spokesman for Andreas?

> Do you want it posted unaltered in full length

It has already been posted unaltered in full length. At least it
arrived in my inbox in a perfectly ordinary way and is archived at

> or do you want to reconsider your submission?

Mostly I'd like Andreas to answer it.

> Especially the parts about being "assigned" to a team, "team 
> leader" and "requirements for teams" stopped me cold in the tracks.

I refer to the candidate's platform, which explicitly says

1) "It should have a leader as described in Leadership."

2) "People must be able to have contact frequently (IRC would be good)."

It does not speak explicitly of assignment; part of my question is to
find out which process Andreas is envisaging for dividing us into
teams. If not by assignment, are we supposed to form them ourselves?
And whomever has not gotten into a team when the teamification
deadline rolls by is just thrown out of the project? Or is arbitrarily
assigned to some team?

Henning Makholm   "I didn't even know you *could* kill chocolate ice-cream!"

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