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Q for Andreas Schuldei: "Small teams"??

You are invited to clarify on the "small teams" section of your
platform. At first I thought it was just saying that infrastructural
work for the project should be done in teams rather than by single
delegates, but a closer reasing seems to suggest that you want to
divide the entire developerdom into "small teams".

What would be the role of such teams? Exactly what do you imagine
would happen in them? Whill each team have a collective task or do you
envisage it as a purely social institution?

If you get elected and carry out your "small teams" plan, will the
members of the team I get assigned to automatically become
co-maintainers of my packages? Conversely, will I become morally
responsible for bugs in theirs (beyond the general responsibility I
already have as a developer for any bug in Debian that I know how to

Will I be supposed to "stand up" for members of my team that get
involved in flamewars? Will the flamewars I choose to engage in taint
other people's attitude towards my presumably innocent teammates?

Will anybody ever, in any context, get told: "You will have to route
that request through your team leader"?

How large a fraction of their available Debian time will you expect
volunteers to spend on "discussing TV-series, politics or football,
finding friends or falling in love" instead of on creating a free
operating system?

Will people who cannot meet your requirements for teams (say, because
they prefer to avoid IRC which is a stupendous timesink) be able to
contribute to the project in your model?

Henning Makholm                   "Jeg mener, at der eksisterer et hemmeligt
                                 selskab med forgreninger i hele verden, som
                         arbejder i det skjulte for at udsprede det rygte at
                      der eksisterer en verdensomspændende sammensværgelse."

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